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In the European Union, due to EU Directive 2018/645, all professional drivers with vehicles with a total weight of more than 3.5 t must complete compulsory further training on specific topics of 35 hours every five years.


After completing the further training measures, the professional driver receives a so-called C95 code, which is entered in the driver's license, or the individual member states receive their own C95 ID card. The C95 trainer project will develop a training concept for the training and further education of C95 trainers and a standardized online selection process for C95 trainers in order to ensure high-quality training for truck drivers.



The above guideline defines general quality factors according to which the accreditation of trainers should be based. In practice, however, the authorities in the individual Member States have defined very different entry requirements for C 95 trainers. The same applies to the obligatory further training of the trainers. This leads to very different quality levels in the training of professional drivers in the individual Member States.

Member States.


Driver performance can be influenced by mandatory training.

Therefore, there is a general need to create a unit for transport trainers in this field.


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